Date: 5th March 2007 at 8:44pm
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Article by 2BR’s Dan Jewell.

Stanley v Bristol Rovers – Full Match Commentary on 2BR, Don’t you just love self explanatory titles?

If you can’t get there on Tuesday night (for the Accy -v- Bristol Rovers game) then fear not because there will be full match commentary on the fficial sponsorers of this site, 99.8FM 2BR or online at

It’ll be the usual service; Kaz in the summariser’s chair and me talking utter nonsense for 90 minutes.

And just in case you are interested (although this is by no means a legally binding promise!) we hope to bring you commentaries on over HALF of Stanley’s remaining fixtures!

Just to go slightly off the topic of the Bristol Rovers game, but distinctly sticking to the subject of the thread, if you can’t be at the Swindon game on Saturday then it might be a good idea to be near a radio or computer…

On behalf of 2BR