Date: 1st April 2008 at 3:39pm
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ACCRINGTON STANLEY this morning tricked fans in to thinking that the infamous club name was about to change at the end of the season.

The proposal claimed that Accrington Stanley would infact change come the end of the season to take up a new name of Lancashire Stanley United Football Club, in a full length feature article on the official website.

Speaking on the ‘change’, chairman Eric Whalley said: “I was always of the opinion that our name was our greatest asset, however looking at our gates it just doesn`t seem to be the case.

‘I have always held dear the name of Accrington Stanley, but it just doesn`t seem to draw in the crowds. Rebranding the club as an entity that the whole county can support instead of having to rely on the people of one town opens up many new revenue opportunities in terms of people through the turnstiles, links with corporate partners and merchandising avenues.”

An highly believable article to the people half asleep, like my self at the time of reading, could have had fans set on the name change, but as people began to realise the date, the sence of relief on Accrington messageboards was clear to see.

Manager John Coleman even got in on the actL “I have always been proud to be associated with Accrington Stanley but for whatever reason it is a name that just doesn`t seem to be held dear by the people who live nearby.

‘Hopefully this change of name will bring the people in and who knows maybe in ten years time we`ll see Lancashire Stanley United challenging for a place in Europe along with the likes of Blackburn Rovers, Liverpool and Manchester United.”

Nice try Stanley. Better luck next year.