Date: 17th December 2013 at 12:09am
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Manager James Beattie has said he won’t be overly judging the players for a bad 25 minute spell against Exeter.

Accrington found themselves three nil behind before the 25th minute of the match had been entered but Stanley did almost complete a spirited fightback once we found our feet in the game.

Disappointingly it was also our second defeat on the bounce after an eight game unbeaten run, but James Beattie was in a forgiving mood as he spoke to Sky Sports following the game stating that it was a case of redoubling our work ethic and learning from the mistakes that have crept into the last two games, rather than turning the air blue with frustration.

‘We need to learn, Dean Winnard and Tom Aldred have been magnificent for eight weeks and they can’t be judged on an indifferent 25 minutes. Goalkeeper Marcus Bettinelli has also been superb, and he held his hands up and took responsibility for the third goal.’

Beattie goes on to say though that Accrington cannot afford to dwell on these results, and we can’t let it affect the confidence or belief given how we have been performing, so we move on, but we move on having learnt some tough lessons again and he’s now looking for the squad to show that in the upcoming games and get back to the performances we are clearly capable of.

We’ve bounced back before, so it’s inevitably maybe that we’ve suffered a little dip given the efforts the players have put in over the last few months, we just have to show that we can bounce back again.