Date: 16th April 2007 at 6:20pm
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Grimsby gaffer Alan Buckley says he will slap his players around the face with a large trout following the defeat at Stanley.

Well…. For some reason or another your here reading this, most likely because you like the violence in the teaser on the front page, but oh well your here now!

Alan Buckley was left fuming following his side’s ’embarrassing’ loss at Stanley on Saturday afternoon. I don’t know if this man was watching the same game as I, but he talks about how Grimsby dominated the opening proceedings at the Fraser Eagle Stadium on Saturday, has he been playing on Fifa07 lately because I can’t remember seeing a Grimsby domination, I remember seeing a equal game up until half time that is.

‘Shocking performance,’ he fumed.

So far he is correct in his press conference, but now he starts to get his season mode on Fifa07 confused with real life…

‘Yet again we’ve started a game, like we have three or four times lately, and dominated the first 20 minutes of proceedings. Although we never threatened their goal’ Buckley continued talking to the Grimsby Telegraph.

Can’t remember a domination, but oh well, who am I to argue?

‘Then the first time, yet again, that they ask a question of us defensively, it ends up in our net.

‘Then from nothing really we get a free-kick back, 1-1. I said to Stuart (Watkiss) I’ll settle for 1-1 at half time, but knowing us they’ll score again.

‘And from a corner we didn’t get a good challenge in, it’s knocked down, shot at goal, handled, player off, 2-1 down, and you’re up against it then.

‘We tried to give it a lift at half-time but the second two goals did the game. We never got going anyway in the second half.

‘Really, it was a bit embarrassing to watch us. I’m not happy with that at all.

‘I don’t think any of the players have done themselves justice today. Very disappointing. The performance was shocking from half an hour on.

‘We have had some good away performances and results of late and the away fans have had a lot to be happy with but I felt a bit sorry for them today.

‘They’ve paid a lot of money to come and watch us and we’ve given them absolutely nothing.’

He admitted that the dismissal of Croft in the game was the correct decision because rules are rules. I think you need to tell Croft that yourself, he himself has been mouthing to the press at how his red card was ‘unfair’, One thing to say to you pal, dry your eyes! Croft claims he didn’t see the ball coming towards him, well in that case I think he should give up playing football now and open a fruit and veg stall in Grimsby.

Buckley added: ‘I didn’t see it properly. It was a shot at goal which I assume Crofty has handled and the referee has obviously deemed it to be deliberate handball so he goes off. They’re the rules.

‘I think it spoilt the game. If it’s deliberate handball then he’s got to go off but he (Croft) said he never put his hand to the ball because he didn’t see it coming at him.

‘Players can always think of an excuse’