Date: 1st June 2010 at 4:15pm
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ACCRINGTON Stanley’s assistant manager Jimmy Bell has insisted that although he and John Coleman are happy at the Crown Ground, they could be tempted to move if their contracts aren’t sorted out at the club.

Bell, who joined the club with Coleman in 1999, thinks that the pair deserve improved contracts at the club after the magic they have worked on the Reds on a shoe-string budget.

‘I think it could come back to bite them if we didn’t sign it, because someone might take a chance on us and then it would be down to us what we wanted to do,’ he told the Lancashire Telegraph.

Coley is often linked with jobs when they become available, Bradford City and Shrewsbury being the most recent to spring up.

Bell continued: ‘I don’t know how long it takes to draw up a contract, but it doesn’t take six months. Myself and John are more than happy to stay here and I think we’ve done a fantastic job, so you’d like to feel you deserve a little bit better.

‘You do worry a little bit that it has been dragging on for so long, but you perhaps don’t worry as much as you might at some other clubs because we’ve been working without a contract for 11 years.’