Date: 4th March 2009 at 7:53pm
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‘Julie Patefield my Wife, and Mother to our two treasures Jemima and Annabelle was diagnosed with Leukaemia 5 months ago. Chemotherapy can’t cure her, our only hope is a Bone Marrow Transplant and URGENTLY. We have WEEKS to try and find that special person who will match Julie. If you can, PLEASE give a little of your time to help us, so she can watch our girls grow up’ – Andrew Patefield.

Save Julie!


By attending one of several bone marrow screenings and donating a small amount of blood you will then be places on the register and hopefully you will be a match for Julie, from arrival to leaving the whole process can take less than 15 minutes, please note that the age group for screenings is 18-40.


Jersey @ Weston Fire Station – Thursday 5th March 2009. ANY TIME BETWEEN 4PM- 7PM.

Colne @ Ambulance Hall, Midgley Street – Saturday 14th March 2009. ANYTIME BETWEEN 11AM – 3PM.

Barnoldswick @ The Fire Station, Wellhouse Road – Friday 13th March 2009. ANYTIME BETWEEN 3PM – 7PM.

Blackburn @ The Fire Station, Byrom Street – Tuesday 31st March 2009. ANYTIME BETWEEN 4PM – 8PM.

Rossendale @ Rossendale Rugby Club, Marl Pitts, Newchurch Road – Monday 30th March. ANYTIME BETWEEN 4PM – 8PM.


There is a myth surrounding the bone marrow transplant procedure, many people think it is a very long and painful process but this is simply not true. The procedure is quite simple and sparing a small amount of your time could give a leukemia sufferer all the time in the world!

If you are over 40 you can contact NHS Blood Donors who accept new donors up to 49 years. You can contact them on 0845 7711 711 for details of how to join the register.

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