Date: 1st April 2008 at 7:32pm
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THIS MORNING (Tuesday) Accrington Stanley published a joke April Fools article, claiming that the clubs name would be changed come the end of the season, but it could become reality.

The article claimed that the clubs name would be changed to Lancashire Stanley United, in an attempt to improve on the clubs faultering home attendences, that strugle to make it into the 1,000s.

Main bosses at the club claimed that Accrington was a town not deserving of a team in the Football League, with only 118 season tickets being sold for the current campaign, something which nearly put the team out of business.

‘We’ve had emails and telephone calls from all over Lancashire from people saying they support the idea since we put it on our website.’ Claimed Stanley’s chairman Eric Whalley, speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph.

‘Our attendances this season have been awful. The 1,200 people we get week in and week out deserve a medal.

‘But the people of Accrington don’t deserve a league team.’

Rob Heys, Chief Executive at the club then added: ‘Without doubt it was a bit of fun and an April Fool.

‘But the more we think about it, the more it makes sense.

‘We are obviously struggling to raise the imagination of the people of Accrington, so perhaps widening the net in terms of supporters is the way forward.

‘A change could open it up to people in the area who don’t have a team or people who want to take us up as their second team.’

It must be stressed that it is being considered by the club and is not a final decision.


Obviously this issue has good sides and bad. With the club failing to bring in the crowds to the Fraser Eagle Stadium, a rebranding could do good for the club and with boosted crowds and higher revenue intakes, the club could finally make the step up to the next level.

But if it did go through I for one would be disappointed. Yes it’s great for the club, but not many of Accrington’s current fans are supportive of it. For one the infamous and very well known name of Accrington Stanley would be gone. Lancashire Stanley United, Who are they? Doesn’t sound right really does it.

Why should it take a name change for people to support Accrington Stanley? The name is all that would change. It’s the same stadium, it’s the same staff, it’s the same players and most importantly it’s the same club with the same illustrious history to go with it.

It is the same club and always will be, so why not support us now?


What do you think of the name change suggestion? Do you support it or are you in favour?

Are you one of the people that will support the clubs new name? Or an Accrington fan already? We want your comments below.