Date: 27th February 2007 at 5:15pm
Written by:

Talking to a man in Accrington town centre, who is apparently ‘Stanley Through and Through’ and I know everyone is entitled to their own oppinion, but every Stanley fan would agree his is utterly stupid!

We was in the middle of a conversation about David Martin on-loan from Liverpool and his unluckiness at getting injured 5minuted ino his Stanley debut, and how he is out for the rest of the season, when he blurts out ‘I think we should sack John Coleman he has took us no where!’

Is it just me that thinks this man is a can short of a six-pack? I said ‘I think Coley has been a great manager for us and he will keep us in the Fotoball League’ and at that point he storms off muttering some things that weren’t very nice under his breath! With that level of smartness he expressed, I am starting to wonder if he is a Barrow fan in desguise!

Is it just me that thinks John Coleman is the right man for the job?? If not I hope you who think he should go aren’t half as immature as that certain man was!

Coleman has taken us from Unibond Division One to the Football League, since signing in 1999. He has given the supporters a lot of highs and a few lows but he is learning his craft aswel and is big enough to put his hand up and say I made a mistake. Yes we all have a moan now and again (me included) but John C is the manager so lets continue to support through thick and thin.

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