Date: 18th January 2007 at 1:52pm
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We have taken the chance to speak to three Wycombe Wanderers fans, who kindly give us their thoughts and information about their club.

Unfortunately we cannot thank the people that participated as they were anonymous.

1. Do you personally think Stanley can stay in League Two? And do you think Wycombe can survive the drop or even push for promotion?

Fan One: Stanley will get relegated from League Two and Wycombe can push for promotion in my opinion.

Fan Two: Stanley will just about stay in the league! Wycombe will easily get promoton.

Fan Three: Just stay in, but because the other teams are poor not because you play a decent standard of football. Wycombe survive the drop??? what sort of question is that?!? We’ll get promoted via playoffs.

2. Give a short description of your club, e.g. nickname, year of establishment, ground name ect.

Chairboys / 1887 / Adams Park previous ground Loaks Park.

3. Will you be going to the game?

Fan One: Yes.

Fan Two: Yes.

Fan Three: No. I can’t afford as I live in Edinborough.

4. Did you come to the Fraser Eagle Stadium when Stanley won 2-1 earlier in the season?

Fan One: No.

Fan Two: Yes – disgusting ground, terrible referee – You didn’t deserve to win!

Fan Three: Yes – you were lucky!

5.Who do you think will come out on top (win)?

Fan One: Wycombe Wanderers.

Fan Two: Wycombe Wanderers.

Fan Three: Wycombe Wanderers.

6. Predict a score….

Fan One: 3-1.

Fan Two: 2-0.

Fan Three: 2.1.

7. Anything else you need to say….

Fan One: No.

Fan Two: Just take note of your surroundings and then report back to ASFC, they could learn a lot.

Fan Three: Wycombe are going up! We will beat Chelsea too!

Once again thankyou to the dis-respectful Wycombe fans that took part.

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