Date: 4th April 2008 at 2:08pm
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IDIOTIC Football club owner John Batchelor last night emerged as the man who tried to buy out Accrington Stanley chairman Eric Whalley just weeks ago.

Batchelor who took York City into administration, now looks set to buy fellow League Two strugglers Mansfield Town, and is wanting to rename the club after the team hit Sky One show Dream Team, Harchester United.

Whilst with York City, he changed the name to York City Soccer Club, trying to draw fans from America, but all he drew was the administrators. He also owned York City Racing, a motor racing team competing in the British Touring Car Championship and made an attempt to byu ITV Digital but failed.

It was Batchelor who proposed changing Accrington’s famous name to Lancashire Stanley United and in fact moving the club to Leigh, but current Chairman Whalley blocked a £1 Million attempt to ruin the club. He later saw a £1.5 Million bid to buy the club blocked aswel. He also planned building a 10,000 seater stadium for the club.

“I think I’d have to move a lot further than Leigh to keep my windows intact if I sold up and the club moved there!” joked Stanley chairman Whalley speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph and Vital Stanley.

“I met with Mr Batchelor three times, the last about six weeks ago. First he bid a million, and then £1.5m, and told me he wanted to move the club to Leigh and call it Lancashire United, and I just couldn’t go along with that.

“It sounded a bit like an MK Dons situation. It would be a club with no history and someone would have to resurrect Accrington Stanley again.

“It was a serious offer, but we’ve worked too hard to put Accrington Stanley back on the map to see it fade away again.”

Note to Mansfield: Don’t let this maniac buy your club, or it won’t be long until you don’t have one.

Every vulnerable club in the country must be worried right now with this idiot on the prowl.