Date: 31st July 2009 at 9:58pm
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WHAT a night tonight has turned out to be! Talk of Twitter in this weeks blog includes; Twittering a football match, a scouser and a tribute to a football legend.

What a dull night tonight has turned out to be. Defeat against Blackburn Rovers at The Crown Ground, in the freezing cold East Lancashire wind and rain but atleast we have been contacted with some good, positive feedback from the Twitter updates that we offered for the friendly. That’s always welcome.

For a normal league game I think this would be a good feature but at points tonight I got that caught up in the game I fell behind with Tweets and so I was left doing multiple posts, but life goes on!

I still cannot get over the Liverpudlian lad’s comments by the way. How he said my accent was common beggers belief, seemed like a nice enough chap, think he needs to listen to his own voice before he starts talking like that though. Bless.

Finally, for those that joined me this evening on Twitter, I briefly mentioned Sir Bobby Robson during the game. I would like to expand on that now because he really does deserve more than just a few words.

What a man he was. A real inspiration for everything connected with football. When he was wheeled onto the pitch for his charity game last week, he didn’t look at all well.

He was said to be hanging onto his life then, but I think that showed the determination he had to make it to his event, but unfortanutely it looks like his body’s go just ran out after years battling cancer.

R.I.P. Sir Bobby.

DON’T MISS the Sir Bobby Robson Tribute on SkySports Two at 10pm Friday 31st July. It will also be repeated again tonight(Friday) on SkySports One at 11.30pm. It will no doubt be reshown a number of times again in the coming weeks to honour a legend.

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