Date: 4th December 2008 at 12:49pm
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ACCRINGTON Stanley’s general manager David O`Neill says that the club must get 2,000 seats in the Fraser Eagle Stadium by May 1 or they will be kicked out of the Football League.

Football League relgulations state that every League ground in the country must have a minimum capacity of 5,000 and at least 2,000 seats within that, which doesn’t fit Stanley’s description thus far.

The club does have one part of the regulation ticket off the list thought, with The Fraser Eagle Stadium currently having a capacity of 5,057. But that is as good as it gets for the cash lacking side, as they currently have around 1,200 seats, which is 800 below what is needed.

And Stanley must get every single seat into the ground in the next five months, as even a few seats less than expected would see the club booted from the Football League back into the Conference.

The club have asked the Football League boffins for dispensation from the regulations but were told that no club was exempt.

O`Neill told the Lancashire Telegraph: “You just wish that common sense would prevail.

“I asked them what would happen if we were 100 or 50 seats short of 2,000 and they said they would kick us out of the league.”

Meanwhile though, fans are concerned that the newly planned seating areas will disrupt the atmosphere inside the Fraser Eagle Stadium, with up to five rows of seating being bolted into the bottom of the Clayton End terrace. But this shouldn’t disrupt the Ultras as they all stand towards the rear of the stand meaning that the seating wouldn’t cut into their ‘area’.

The club had hoped to demolish the Whinney Hill Terrace but the plans have been cast aside and instead the club are opting to install three rows of seating in the existing stand.

O`Neill continued: “We`ve been very mindful about the atmosphere at the Fraser Eagle Stadium.

“There are only normally 400 standing behind the goal and I challenge them to tell me how there won`t be enough room for them.

“I looked on Saturday and how many actually stand in the area where the seats will be? The Ultras all stand at the back.

“If we had spent £350,000 on a new stand we would have got a grant but we would still have had to spend £200,000, which does not make financial sense in the current climate.

“We budget for crowds of 2,000 but we`re only averaging 1,600 this season.

“That`s 400 x £15 x 22 games, which is close to £200,000.”

Work is due to start in January.