Date: 30th October 2013 at 11:43pm
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In more interviews since Accrington Stanley picked up their second win of the season against Morecambe, manager James Beattie has said that all we needed to do from games earlier in the season – and all he can really see that has changed – is that we are now taking our chances in matches, and giving ourselves something to cling to instead of trying to battle back from being a goal or two down.

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph following a very pleasing week which saw victories against both Bristol Rovers and Morecambe, leaving Stanley unbeaten in four games, the gaffer explained that the players were now starting to get the results that they deserved from matches given the performance levels they had been putting it.

As for what has changed, Beattie thinks it’s simply, we are now taking the chances that we have been creating.

‘That’s probably the only major difference. I can tell them a million times what faith I have in them but until they actually see it for themselves – they’ve been gaining the confidence from that.’

Beattie was also pleased though because when Morecambe equalised, heads didn’t drop, we didn’t sit back and try to play for the point, we kept pushing ourselves forward in search of another goal and it obviously came.

Again for the manager that points to the growing belief within the camp and the confidence that is there, because despite the disappointment of conceding, whereas the Stanley of old might have folded, the players redoubled their efforts and saw it as a challenge because they knew they deserve all three points on the day.

Being pegged back level against Morecambe, wasn’t as big a hurdle as coming from behind against Bristol Rovers but as ever in football and life, when you prove you can do something once, it does tend to get easier the second time round.