Date: 28th August 2007 at 3:00pm
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ACCRINGTON.VITALFOOTBALL.CO.UK is back after a short break in the heat of the Scottish summer.

Whilst I was sunning, yes sunning, myself in Ayr, the news came through that Accrington had lost their unbeaten league start at home to Darlington. Then the score came through.. 3-0! It didn’t really make my day, and as soon as I read the score two words came out of my mouth rather loudly.

One of them I can’t say on this site, but I will say it began in F and ended in K, with the second word being sake.

I was surrounded by fans of Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Celtic, Rangers etc. and it made me think, what percentage of this country actually supports their local team..?

I got talking to the fans at the holiday site I was staying at, and non of them were from any where near the club they were supporting! Quite weirdly the Manchester United fan lived a stone’s throw away from Celtic Park whilst the Celtic fan lived in Manchester.

I was the one keeping at real as the young ‘uns would say, I was the one true supporter out of the bunch, and it made me proud to support the most famous little club in the world… ACCRINGTON STANLEY!

The week went on and on Saturday evening at aroung half past 5 I started to walk back to my gold star (wooooo) caravan, and I though oh sod it, forget the 3-0 drumming we recieved last Saturday!

Then my phone went off… Lincoln 2-0 Accrington! Bugger! Oh well, we only have the league’s favourites next weekend, easy three points eh?

Come on Stanley!